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How to get MORE and BETTER QUALITY clicks to your website at LOWER COST

ClickRaisers is the new tokenized way to get targeted visitors to your site with:

   NO viewing ads for credits. NO "minting" tokens.
    NO receiving unwanted emails. NO complicated b.s.
YES...just tell us where you want this highly targeted traffic from social media, search engines, blogs and other premium sites to go and we send it. Simple as that.

Our secret? ClickRaisers runs on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 cryptocurrency token The Raiser.

The Raiser Token is all about raising the quantity and quality of whatever you purchase with it - while lowering the cost to you.

We're able to generate high quality traffic for you cheaper thanks to blockchain technology. ClickRaisers traffic is GUARANTEED real, targeted, interested visitors. NEVER bots or tricks of any kind. Only the best traffic at the best price.

If you're experienced using cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin & Ethereum) you'll be able to easily use ClickRaisers to get traffic.

If you're inexperienced using cryptocurrency we'll help you step by step to get started. We'll show you exactly how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet to send and receive tokens and, of course, buy highly targeted traffic even below cost.

Welcome to the Future of Tokenized Traffic.

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This is not an offer to purchase an investment of any kind. There are no investments offered or implied anywhere on this site. accepts cryptocurrencies of various denominations in exchange for website traffic and website marketing services. Nevertheless, please always abide by the laws of your nation, state or principality who may prohibit purchasing products and services using cyptocurrencies. ClickRaisers is not affiliated with Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other platform mentioned herein. also offers training in sales and marketing free of charge to all subscribers. offers no income projections or guarantees of any kind, however guarantees 100% satisfaction with any and all purchases made through this site. Peace, love and success to all.